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We are FreshTunes – a free digital music distribution service for Independent Artists to release their singles, albums or EPs and make money from their art. FreshTunes is all about empowering and supporting the independent community of musicians around the world to truly run their careers on their terms. It takes just 24 hours to upload content and start making money. Everyone deserves to share their art, build their communities and reach a global audience for free.

Our advantages

Upload music for free!

You simply upload your album cover and music. We will check it and send to stores

Keep 100% of income & royalties!

We do not take away the rights of our users. The rights for the music are owned by musician. Musicians are getting 100% of royalties

24h moderation!

Our moderators check the album in 24 hours, and immediately send to stores

Feedback from our users

Simon LeycesterMusician

FreshTunes has become my best friend in making my artwork global. I used to work with similar services, but they all are far too expensive. At FreshTunes favorable conditions meet the highest quality of service, and that's perfect.

Johnathan WellsMusician

FreshTunes is quick, easy and FREE! I do not see any reason to look for alternatives. These guys love music and make it affordable. Isn't it amazing? Well done, FreshTunes, keep on going.

Myriam MittySinger

My dreams come true! Finally I can spread my voice around the world, hit my thoughts over the fence and fight for my ideas without any pressure from the outside. I am free to choose, where and when to sell my music, and how to do it!!

Deliver your music to the main digital stores and streaming services

We currently work with the main digital stores and streaming services. In the near future a list of our partners will be increased with new store

Want to know us better? Watch the video of how Freshtunes works with musicians

How do we earn if we are free?

Mastering for iTunes

Order professional mastering and get Mastered for iTunes certificate for 150$ per album.

Album art video

We can make videos for your tracks and place them on YouTube. Each video will consist of audio of your songs and album cover. Price for each video is 10$.


Get a new high-quality cover for your album for 25$.

Detailed report

Find how many streams and downloads of each track you have on any platform. Detailed report helps you to get unique data about sales in different countries and manage your content. Ability to promptly react on audience needs is more than 50% of success. Report costs just 1$!

Fresh Tunes promo

Order promotion of your tracks and videos to make people speak more about your music. Fresh Tunes will make the campaign for you and show all numbers. You can start with 25$ budget.

FreshTunes certified

Professional evaluation, useful advice and new promotion opportunities. You will know the opinion of the industry professionals​. Promotion in socials,on the radio and in compilations​ ​also included. Take one more step forward in your career!